Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


The Motal Kombat fighting game series are hugely popular and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is the seventh title in the series. Mortal Kombat is known for its exciting, and sometimes weird, storyline so dive right into it.


story-mkaThe main story of the Mortal Kombat series revolves around the warriors of the realms fighting the kombantants. At the beginning of this title, it is shown that the kombatants have grown too numerous and vigorous for the realms to keep defeating. Their powers are so strong that the entire universe of Mortal Kombat is under threat from them. In this title, every hero and villain of the series have made a comeback, somehow.

The villains

shao_kahnThe villains form a temporary alliance to get rid of the heroes of the realms. These villains include all the big ones, from Shao Kahn to Onaga and the Deadly Alliance. The Elder Gods are also seen helping ‘Team Evil’ by resurrecting Scorpion. Scorpion rejoined the ranks of the villains, and the Shirai Ryu were resurrected the Elder Gods as mindless ghouls. For someone who isn’t familiar with the Mortal Kombat storyline from the beginning, this is a lot of confusing twists in the story! But every Mortal Kombat fan knows that this time the villains are clearly stronger in numbers and their powers.

The hero

TavenAs the game progresses, Taven is shown to be finally awake from his slumber. Unfortunately, he discovers that his intended fight against Daegon has not turned out to be what he had hoped; Daegon is a crazy mass murderer. Taven starts traveling to different location and fighting evil, as heroes do. Eventually, he reaches battle royale, that is, the Battle of Armageddon.

The Battle of Armageddon


The story reaches its climax as the forces of the good and evil face off in the epic battle on the desert wasteland that threatens to bring down the Apocalypse. As the fighting continues, a pyramid rises from the ground and its tip bursts into flame. Naturally, the fighters are distracted by the burning pyramid, and Blaze is revealed to at the top of the pyramid. Entranced by Blaze and the fire people fight each other in the race to the top. Blaze, the fire spawn, had been created by the Elder God to destroy as many warriors as possible so that the realms could be saved from Armageddon. So each warrior has to prove he is worthy of surviving.

The finale

With such an important battle, you would expect the hero of the story, Taven, to win, right? Unfortunately, the hero does not live up to our expectations and perishes with countless others. The only one left is Shao Kahn. He defeats Blaze and considers himself the victor of all, but it is soon revealed that Raiden is also alive. And the story of the battle of Armageddon ends here.

The story continues in the next game in the series, Mortal Kombat (2011).

Do you need a new laptop to play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on an emulator?

If there is anything worse than buying the wrong laptop, it is buying the laptop at the wrong time. It is not easy to generalize when the timing might/not be in your favor, but following are a few considerations:


Not whenever there’s a newer model

The computer industry follows Moore’s law – approximately every two years, the computing power doubles. So, if you chase the dream of owning the fastest and meanest machine, you will most likely end up buying new laptops every two years while your older laptop is still perfectly functional. The longer you hold on to the current laptop, the more value you get for your money when you finally upgrade. Thus, delaying the purchase as long as you don’t need a new laptop can act in your favor.

When your needs change

The right time to buy a new laptop is when your needs have changed, and your current laptop no longer fulfills those needs. For instance, you may have owned a heavier laptop because you hardly moved, but now you find yourself in a new job that demands a lot of travel. There is also the need for a powerful gaming laptop that will run Mortal Kombat: Armageddon on an emulator. There cannot be a better time to buy a new one that is lightweight and has a long battery life.

When you’re ready with your research

Whether it’s your first laptop or a repeat purchase, it is crucial to understand and perform a thorough research about all the critical needs and specs in your new laptop before you buy a new one. You might be excited by how light weight a new laptop is, only to discover that you are giving up a DVD drive, a longer battery life and a bunch of other features. Be an informed buyer. The most powerful gaming laptops run a NVidia GTX 980 and cost around 1500.

Not just after Operating System (OS) Upgrades

As you know, operating systems have a frequent upgrade cycle, and your old hardware might not support the new OS. While each upgrade promises better performance, it is in your best interest to wait a few months before buying a laptop with the new OS. This ensures that the bugs have been thoroughly identified and fixed.

On the other hand, you should not wait too long before you swap your older laptop for a newer one. Companies usually stop supporting older OS after a few years and these systems become vulnerable to viruses and other attacks. Hence, be cautious of the risks involved with older machines and be prepared to buy a newer laptop.

When you find the right price!

Laptop prices tend to fall when new hardware is introduced. Watch out for news published on tech websites and other media outlets about upcoming models. This can help you determine whether you should buy the newer model, or purchase the current model with reduced price.

To get the best deal on your new laptop, compare prices at various shops both online and in-store. Although a lot of retailers provide deep discounts during the holiday season, it’s best to ensure the deal includes all the specs you need from a laptop.

Get your old laptop to run Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Are you always encountering the problem of hanging up or slow response from your old laptop even though it’s equipped with a fast processor?  You don’t want to buy a new laptop to play MK: Armageddon? Let’s look at some ways to make your old laptop run faster:

Check the Hard Disk Free space

An OS needs 15% of free space in the hard-disk to keep it running smoothly. When files, music, photos, etc. occupy more than 75%, your laptop will start running slowly. Remove some files or buy a second hard-disk to store more data. You will get to know the space consumed by right-clicking the local drive ‘Properties’ on ‘My Computer.’

Remove temporary files

Many temporary files are created when you work, and they get stored on the hard-disk drive. Through ‘Disk cleanup’ the inbuilt de-cluttering tool which can be accessed via ‘Administrative/accessory tool’ you can remove many megabytes and even gigabytes of temporary files.

Don’t save everything on the Desktop

When you save your files on the desktop, an image is created on the desktop which uses the operating memory. When there are a lot of images, it will reduce the memory space available. So use shortcuts instead and that too for only necessary files.

De-fragment your hard drive

Over time the hard disk gets fragmented with hundreds of files across various locations of the drive slowing response time. Go to the ‘Properties’ of your primary drive by right-clicking on it and under ‘Tools,’ choose Defragment now to combine all files into one place for faster loading.

Check your disk errors

When you have sudden shutdowns or corrupted software or metadata, it may cause disk errors slowing the computer. Go to the ‘Tools’ tab in the ‘Properties’ of your hard-drive and choose ‘Check now’ under Error-check. Once the errors are found, fix them by scanning.

Remove all unused programs

Go to Control panel -> ‘Add or Remove programs’ and remove all unused programs to free up space and memory. There might be lots of programs you never knew existed like trial versions of software that came with the system, old games and other software that you seldom use.

Reduce the number of start-ups while booting

Most software like security check, driver updates, and printers do not need to run on start-up. But you might have chosen it to start-up while booting. Having plenty of unnecessary start-ups will slow down the booting time of your computer. So disable them as much as possible.

Remove viruses/malware

These days you have many good anti-virus and malware protection systems. Install a good antivirus software and do away with those irritable viruses and malware that take up system resources and slows down your system considerably.

More RAM speeds up the system

When your laptop runs out of RAM for running programs, it will start using the space on the Hard disk which will slow down the system. This is mainly because the standard 4GB RAM is not enough to do the multi-tasking of running several programs simultaneously. So it’s better you upgrade it to 8 GB.

Restart now and then

Another great way to make the laptop run better is to restart it. All unnecessary programs running in the background that slow down your system is cleaned up making it run faster.

Hope this guide helped you to run Mortal Kombat armageddon, a really great game. Also remember to check out the part 2 in this series for common mistakes.

Get your old laptop to run Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Pt2 – Common Mistakes


mk-aAs machines start getting older, they start losing their charm as their performance starts deteriorating. Just like us, aging slows us down right? Being a bit futuristic and foreseeing the problems your laptop might face will help take better care of the system thus enhancing its longevity. It helps a lot if you maintain the laptop well. It reduces your visits to maintenance showrooms and thus minimizes the expenses as well. A few mistakes which when avoided will help to keep your laptop in good condition:

Dust Accumulation

Okay, it is not possible to protect your laptop from accumulating dust. But you could maintain a routine to clean them up. Also what happens when these get built up is they start blocking the air vents. This, in turn, causes heating up which again reduces the performance.

Physical Maintenance – How not to Fold and Unfold

So, when you carry your laptop around, you have to hold onto its bottom. Holding the monitor and moving it around damages big time. It so happens that the hinges have many wires transmitting data to and from. There are chances of them getting damaged too. Caution has to be exercised while folding and unfolding the screen as well. Also, no one wants a broken screen, right?

Please make sure to keep the food particles and liquids away from the device. The liquid could damage the fine electronic particles.


A laptop, when kept over a foam surface like a bed or sofa, will be forced to retain all its heat. Its battery life and performance is considerably reduced when it gets heated up. The fans and air vents are used to dissipate the heat efficiently. So when you use it on a surface which will not allow the heat to dissipate, it starts getting built up inside. Using it on a flat surface like wood or steel tables is ideal.

Also using the cooling fan when the laptop is being used for long hours helps in increasing the life. It helps in heat dissipation.


You do get used to the idea of charging your laptop when working on it. Sometimes you over charge it unknowingly. Continuously charging it after it has reached its capacity often reduces the battery life. For a good battery life charging right in the long run helps.

Installing the Right Protection

It helps to maintain the laptop if anti-virus is installed on the laptop. When they are not installed or outdated, they slow down the machine and cause unwanted threats to the laptop. The performance of the device comes down drastically due to the malware. So finding the suitable software depending upon your requirement and getting it installed and updating it on a regular basis helps in the maintenance.

Power Sockets and Power Cords

It is important to ensure you don’t tug or pull the cord accidentally from the device while the machine is switched on. Doing so might break the plugs or the mini pins. Also, make sure you do not run the chair over the power cables accidentally.