Get your old laptop to run Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Pt2 – Common Mistakes


mk-aAs machines start getting older, they start losing their charm as their performance starts deteriorating. Just like us, aging slows us down right? Being a bit futuristic and foreseeing the problems your laptop might face will help take better care of the system thus enhancing its longevity. It helps a lot if you maintain the laptop well. It reduces your visits to maintenance showrooms and thus minimizes the expenses as well. A few mistakes which when avoided will help to keep your laptop in good condition:

Dust Accumulation

Okay, it is not possible to protect your laptop from accumulating dust. But you could maintain a routine to clean them up. Also what happens when these get built up is they start blocking the air vents. This, in turn, causes heating up which again reduces the performance.

Physical Maintenance – How not to Fold and Unfold

So, when you carry your laptop around, you have to hold onto its bottom. Holding the monitor and moving it around damages big time. It so happens that the hinges have many wires transmitting data to and from. There are chances of them getting damaged too. Caution has to be exercised while folding and unfolding the screen as well. Also, no one wants a broken screen, right?

Please make sure to keep the food particles and liquids away from the device. The liquid could damage the fine electronic particles.


A laptop, when kept over a foam surface like a bed or sofa, will be forced to retain all its heat. Its battery life and performance is considerably reduced when it gets heated up. The fans and air vents are used to dissipate the heat efficiently. So when you use it on a surface which will not allow the heat to dissipate, it starts getting built up inside. Using it on a flat surface like wood or steel tables is ideal.

Also using the cooling fan when the laptop is being used for long hours helps in increasing the life. It helps in heat dissipation.


You do get used to the idea of charging your laptop when working on it. Sometimes you over charge it unknowingly. Continuously charging it after it has reached its capacity often reduces the battery life. For a good battery life charging right in the long run helps.

Installing the Right Protection

It helps to maintain the laptop if anti-virus is installed on the laptop. When they are not installed or outdated, they slow down the machine and cause unwanted threats to the laptop. The performance of the device comes down drastically due to the malware. So finding the suitable software depending upon your requirement and getting it installed and updating it on a regular basis helps in the maintenance.

Power Sockets and Power Cords

It is important to ensure you don’t tug or pull the cord accidentally from the device while the machine is switched on. Doing so might break the plugs or the mini pins. Also, make sure you do not run the chair over the power cables accidentally.