Get your old laptop to run Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Are you always encountering the problem of hanging up or slow response from your old laptop even though it’s equipped with a fast processor?  You don’t want to buy a new laptop to play MK: Armageddon? Let’s look at some ways to make your old laptop run faster:

Check the Hard Disk Free space

An OS needs 15% of free space in the hard-disk to keep it running smoothly. When files, music, photos, etc. occupy more than 75%, your laptop will start running slowly. Remove some files or buy a second hard-disk to store more data. You will get to know the space consumed by right-clicking the local drive ‘Properties’ on ‘My Computer.’

Remove temporary files

Many temporary files are created when you work, and they get stored on the hard-disk drive. Through ‘Disk cleanup’ the inbuilt de-cluttering tool which can be accessed via ‘Administrative/accessory tool’ you can remove many megabytes and even gigabytes of temporary files.

Don’t save everything on the Desktop

When you save your files on the desktop, an image is created on the desktop which uses the operating memory. When there are a lot of images, it will reduce the memory space available. So use shortcuts instead and that too for only necessary files.

De-fragment your hard drive

Over time the hard disk gets fragmented with hundreds of files across various locations of the drive slowing response time. Go to the ‘Properties’ of your primary drive by right-clicking on it and under ‘Tools,’ choose Defragment now to combine all files into one place for faster loading.

Check your disk errors

When you have sudden shutdowns or corrupted software or metadata, it may cause disk errors slowing the computer. Go to the ‘Tools’ tab in the ‘Properties’ of your hard-drive and choose ‘Check now’ under Error-check. Once the errors are found, fix them by scanning.

Remove all unused programs

Go to Control panel -> ‘Add or Remove programs’ and remove all unused programs to free up space and memory. There might be lots of programs you never knew existed like trial versions of software that came with the system, old games and other software that you seldom use.

Reduce the number of start-ups while booting

Most software like security check, driver updates, and printers do not need to run on start-up. But you might have chosen it to start-up while booting. Having plenty of unnecessary start-ups will slow down the booting time of your computer. So disable them as much as possible.

Remove viruses/malware

These days you have many good anti-virus and malware protection systems. Install a good antivirus software and do away with those irritable viruses and malware that take up system resources and slows down your system considerably.

More RAM speeds up the system

When your laptop runs out of RAM for running programs, it will start using the space on the Hard disk which will slow down the system. This is mainly because the standard 4GB RAM is not enough to do the multi-tasking of running several programs simultaneously. So it’s better you upgrade it to 8 GB.

Restart now and then

Another great way to make the laptop run better is to restart it. All unnecessary programs running in the background that slow down your system is cleaned up making it run faster.

Hope this guide helped you to run Mortal Kombat armageddon, a really great game. Also remember to check out the part 2 in this series for common mistakes.